Die Kammer is an Indie-Folk band formed by musicians Marcus Testory and Matthias Ambré.
In addition to the two protagonists, the band includes an alternative sextet orchestra consisting of cello, viola, violin, tuba, bass and drums. Ambré/Testory additionally perform without the orchestra as a duo.

Their songs tell bizarre and morbid stories that are characterized by melancholy, transience and death, but also of an unwavering joy and lust for life. The narratives often include fine sarcasm and subtle social criticisms, drawing from personal experiences.

These works are separated by seasons under a specific title. Die Kammer, currently in Season IV, began on October 13th 2018 under the title "Some T#ings Wrong."


  • Autumn 2018

    Season IV - Tour

    On tour through Germany and Austria with the new songs, Support: Romie.

  • 19/10/2018

    New Album »Season IV - Some T#ings Wrong«

    The fourth Album of Die Kammer appears, including 13 fully orchestrated tracks, Artworks based on Italian madhouses, photos taken by Seven Fennema. 

  • 12/08/2019

    Mera Luna Festival with TV live coverage

  • Spring 2018

    Minimized Tour supporting "Letzte Instanz"

  • 09/03/2018

    »Minimized E.P.« released

    For the first time Ambré/Testory releasing an EP with the label "minimized". Musically completely reduecd to two guitars and vocals. Only guest is Tabea Rotter on Cello.

  • 05/02 to 12/03/2016

    Greatest live tour until now: »Solace in Insanity«

    5.2.16 Leipzig, Moritzbastei, 6.2.16 Berlin, K17, 18.2.16 Hamburg, Logo, 19.2.16 Frankfurt/M., Das Bett, 20.2.16 Köln, Luxor, 4.3.16 Nürnberg, Kon71, 5.3.16 Dresden, Puschkin, 11.3.16 Tübingen, Sudhaus, 12.3.16 AT-Wien, Chelsea

    With overall nine shows Die KAMMER ist playing their tour for the new album. First time with 8-person orchestra, introducing Ingo Römling as bass player. Guest cello for some of the shows is Benni Cellini, who also played the very first debut concert years ago.

    Tour support is the german folk band »DELVA«. Singer Johanna Krins, who also sung on the new KAMMER album, has every night a guest duet with the song »The Way You Are«.

  • 05/02/2016

    The album »Season III - Solace in Insanity« appears

    A new milestone in the history of Die KAMMER: »Season III – Solace in Insanity« erscheint.

    First time with bass, first time with a lot of guest musicians and experimental insturments like Drehorgel and Spieluhr.

    Cover artwork was realized by photographer Annie Bertram and CGI expert Thomas Klieber.

  • 28/01/2016

    »Love for Life« video

    As the same time as the third album is released, the video for »Love for Life« is publihsed, too. Making-of scenes of the work on the new album, filmed in documentary style.

    Location are the Gutleut Studios in Frankfurt / Germany, place of activity of the Kammer violinist Matthias Raue.

  • Spring & summer 2015

    Festivals, guerillas an alternative lineups

    In spring of 2014 die KAMMER return to the Wave-Gotik-Treffen festival and livens up the sold-out renowned theatre.

    At the Hexentanz Festival they prove that they can definitely also rock and party.

    At the Blackfield Festival in Gelsenkirchen Marcus and Matthias appear spontaneously on a side stage as unannounced an entre'acte.

    At the Midnight Special at the Feuertanz Festival they appear in a lineup with only strings.

  • Autumn 2014

    »Sinister Sister Tour 2014«

    Die KAMMER go on their first tour as the headliner through several German cities: 21/11 Aschaffenburg, Colos-Saal; 22/11. Munich, Strom; 28/11. Leipzig, Moritzbastei; 29/11. Hamburg, Indra; 12/12. Wuppertal, Live Club Barmen.

    The mascot and gimmick of the tour is the silhouette of the supposedly wicked »Sinister Sister«.

  • 15/09/2014

    »Sinister Sister« video

    Die KAMMER release the video for their gruesome but beautiful murder ballad »Sinister Sister«. Illustrator Ingo Römling realises the story lovingly in hand-drawn cut-out animation.

  • Pentecost 2014


    Max, Matze, Aline and Matthias busk in the Leipzig city centre on Pentecost weekend.

  • Spring 2014

    Tour as support act for Schandmaul

    In spring 2014 die KAMMER accompanies the band Schandmaul as a support act. Die KAMMER present the best of seasons I and II in a total of seven shows. Thus they enjoy the opportunity to appear in renowned large halls such as the Gasometer in Vienna, the Liederhalle in Stuttgart and the Circus Krone in Munich.

  • 14/02/2014

    The album »Season II - Views from the Inside« appears

    An important milestone in the history of die KAMMER: »Season II – Views from the Inside« is released.

    60 minutes of die Kammer music in all its colourful facets. Some of the new songs perfect die Kammer's characteristic style of storytelling in song form.

    The cover is decorated by a diorama of a cosy little room. Illustrated by Ingo Römling.

  • 14/01/2014

    »Be Careful« video

    At the beginning of 2014, as a teaser for the coming second album, die KAMMER release the video for the song "Be Careful". In a cosy home environment, sitting in a circle, the entire band can be seen in one video for the first time.

    The video was shot in the room that was also the model for the cover art of »Season II«.

  • Summer 2013

    The open-air festivals open up to die Kammer

    The ladies and gentlemen of die Kammer appear for the first time by daylight before a broader audience. These appearances include the Blackfield Festival in Gelsenkirchen and the gigantic 20 Years of Schandmaul anniversary festival at the Cologne Tanzbrunnen.

  • 19/05/2013

    The Video series "Hither and Thither" begins

    With the slogan "Beyond Seasons" – thus outside of the usual "seasons" – the first, original version of the video series »Hither and Thither« begins. In the following season, die Kammer release a variation of the video and song with different lineups.

    The setting is always the same: before a tree on the idyllic bank of a brook in the »KAMMERgarten« (chamber garden).

  • Autumn 2012

    Release concerts

    Die KAMMER play several release concerts in the autumn of 2012: on Friday 02/11/2012 in the Alter Wartesaal in Cologne, on 30/11/2012 in the Moritzbastei in Leipzig and on 01/12/2012 at the Logo in Hamburg.

  • 15/10/2012

    The album »Season I - The Seeming and the Real« appears

    Die Kammer's first album containing 12 songs appears as a Digipak CD and for download. The overarching concept of the album and the season is "The Seeming and the Real"; many of the songs deal with conflict and an autobiographical treatment of the theme of "false and true friends".

    The cover illustration, a kind of optical illusion of the images of Testory and Ambré, was created by illustrator Ingo Römling. The underlying photographic imagery is from photographer Sven Fennema.

    The trailer for the album was produced in 3D by CGI expert Sebastian Schminke based on the existing artwork. The voice is that of well-known speaker Luise Lunow.

  • 18/06/2012

    Debut single and "The Orphanage" video

    Die KAMMER release their first single "The Orphanage" for download only. The video for the song is released on YouTube at the same time.

    The video was produced in the style of a historical silhouette animation by illustrator Ingo Römling.

  • June 2012

    The permanent lineup is in place

    Die KAMMER announce their official lineup:

    Tabea Müller on the cello – a stranger who Marcus Testory had approached out of the blue on an S-Bahn train. Tabea and all of die Kammer were convinced immediately.

    Aline Deinert on the violin – »adopted« without further ado after her guest appearance at the début concert

    Dirk Klinkhammer on the tuba – an old musical companion of Matthias Ambré

    Matthias Raue on the violin – and old hand of the Frankfurt music scene, film composer and composer of the theme of the television series "Löwenzahn", among other things

    Oliver Himmighoffen on the drums – a musical colleague of Testory and Ambré for many years

  • 27/05/2012

    Debut concert

    Die KAMMER play their debut concert on Pentecost Sunday 2012 as part of the Wave-Gotik-Treffen festival in Leipzig. The venue is the visually and acoustically impressive interior of the Monument to the Battle of the Nations, which is completely full for the concert.

    Fellow musicians Benni Gerlach (cello), Rico Schwibs (violin), Aline Deinert (violin), Dirk Klinkhammer (tuba) and Oliver Himmighoffen (drums) appear as well. Matthias Keller narrates the premier of the eighth episode of »Sophie’s Quest« live on-site.

  • 01/02/2012

    Start of »season 0«

    Die KAMMER decide to divide their creative periods into so-called »seasons«. »Season 0 – Early Adoptions« tells the origin story of die Kammer in the form of a fairy tale. The protagonist is little Sophie, who was no longer welcome in her homeland after the death of her grandfather and now travels the world with old and new friends in search of her own »Kammer« (chamber).

    The fairy tale was released in eight video episodes under the name »Sophie’s Quest«. The narrator Matthias Keller reads the episodes, interspersed with interview excerpts and statements from the two founder of the band, Testory and Ambré. The mininalistically staged videos were shot in the recording rooms of Ashborn Sound Studios.

  • 22/12/2011

    Band founded

    Matthias Ambré and Marcus Testory found die KAMMER on 22 December 2011


»Season IV – Some T#ings Wrong«

19 October 2018

Where wrong is right.
13 songs - more rough, more dirty, more true.

»minimized e.p.1«

16 March 2018

Die Kammer reduced to guitar and vocals:
3 old songs, 3 cover songs, 3 new songs

»Season III – Solace in Insanity«

05 February 2016

New sounds, new instruments, new experiments
15 tracks, 60 minutes.

»Season II – Views from the Inside«

14 February 2014

The second long player. Incl. »Sinister Sister« and »Mirror«
15 tracks, 60 minutes.

»Season I – The Seeming and the Real«

15 October 2012

The very first album of Die Kammer.
12 tracks, 56 minutes of passion

»The Orphanage«

18 June 2012

The debut single. Only available as download version.


»Bedroom Wars«


Lyric video by Olga Bokareva, St. Petersburg



Minimized cover version of the Depeche Mode song.

»Maybe First We Die«


New version of an old song by Marcus Testory and his former band 'Chamber'.

»Demon Love«


Minimized cover version of a song by Matthias’ former band ASP.

»Carnival of the Peculiar«


A tribute to the 80ties gothic scene and their festival in Leipzig.

»Love for Life«


some atmospheric impression of the stio works on »Solace in Insanity«.

»Sinister Sister«


A little eerie, spooky animation movie about the moritat of »Sinister Sister«

»Be Careful«


First single of season II. A cozy session in the orignal room which was the template for the cover artwork.

»The Orphanage«


The debut. Visualisation of the fairy tale »Sophie’s Quest« as a heart warming paper cut animation.


💬Louise Lunow

From Middle High German kamer, from Old High German chamara, from Latin camera (“chamber”).

The band's name "Die Kammer" is primarily an allusion to the terms "chamber music" and "chamber orchestra".

The term "Die Kammer" is also a reminiscence to Testory's former band "Chamber", which tradition of pure acoustic arrangment is continued in the Ambré/Testory project.

Finally "Die Kammer" is meant as synonym for the hideway, where the musicians finding peace for working creative and writing their songs and lyrics.



Marcus Testory

vocals, guitar, melodica

Matthias Ambré

guitar, vocals, mandolin, bouzouki, bass

Oliver Himmighoffen


Harold Nardelli


Ingo Römling

bass, artworks

Matthias Raue


Aline Deinert

viola, violin

Dominique Schäfer


Anne Eberlein


Benni Cellini


Linda Laukamp


Tabea Rotter


Veronika Münstermann


Joachim Müller


Dirk Klinkhammer


Sabine Bohlmann

speaker ("Sophie")

Matthias Keller

speaker (narrator)

Erich André Steiner

barrel organ

Vassily Dück


Sven Fennema

photography & artworks

Thomas Klieber

video & photography

Annie Bertram


Fabian Hild

video & photography